Top-Down Network Design

by Priscilla Oppenheimer

Table of Contents

The book contents are structured around the steps for top-down network design. There are four phases in the top-down network design methodology, represented by the four parts of the book. Each phase has a few steps, represented by the chapters in the book.

Part I: Identifying Your Customer's Needs and Goals
1. Analyzing Business Goals and Constraints
2. Analyzing Technical Goals and Tradeoffs
3. Characterizing the Existing Internetwork
4. Characterizing Network Traffic

Part II: Logical Network Design
5. Designing a Network Topology
6. Designing Models for Addressing and Naming
7. Selecting Switching and Routing Protocols
8. Developing Network Security Strategies
9. Developing Network Management Strategies

Part III: Physical Network Design
10. Selecting Technologies and Devices for Campus Networks
11. Selecting Technologies and Devices for Enterprise Networks

Part IV: Testing, Optimizing, and Documenting Your Network Design
12. Testing Your Network Design
13. Optimizing Your Network Design
14. Documenting Your Network Design



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